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Ding Chao Family | a multi-national business enterprise

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We chose the dark burgundy background for the wine theme. Along with blue and gold from our company style, the website creates a classic and elegant vibe.

Adopting the trending 1-page structure to ensure clarity and fast speed. A great platform for users to have a clear idea of the company, as well as for the company to connect and update.

We don't just sell wine, we also bring the lifestyle directly to our customers ' door step. Promotional materials and site settings for our wine tasting events are also in line with such modern elegance. Like life, wine should not be stressful.

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30 August 2015
Branding, Web Design, Photography,

Shenzhen Dingchao Family, is a multi-national business enterprise based in China and founded in 2013. Created by one global entrepreneurial family whose members are partners in businesses in China, Hong Kong, UK, US, Canada, Jamaica and Australia, it utilizes the best of our Chinese and foreign resources and our investment and management skills, to build Sino-US trade and cultural undertakings.

Dingchao Family is a multinational company that connects the world. The website has provided an excellent first impression representing both the Chinese market and overseas. It is a great way for users around the world to access our brochures, videos and see our latest news. We understand the importance of internet presence, and the website is able to connect us through most popular online social media.