ECOPLANT | Sun Tracing Solar Systems

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Solar technology is trendy, it's fun, and it's a sustainable energy solution to human communities. The bright yellow, sun-like logo is all of that. Contrasted with black backgrounds, the website and the brochures are bold and catchy.

The inspiring BGM we chose for the website and introduction video delivers both a sense of urgency for action, as well as the determination we have to fight for a brighter future.

It is our responsibility to gaze into the future of human survival and have HOPE in the face of crisis. A clean branding strategy is necessary for not only solar as clean energy, but also for everyone to understand this modern and evolving technology.

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launch date
30 January 2019
Branding, Web Design, Photography, Video Production

Ecoplant is a Dutch / Chinese initiative and has been developed in collaboration with international and national universities. We seek cooperation with local and regional housing associations, municipalities and energy suppliers. And we ask our sustainable partners to embrace our ambitions and join us in a revolutionary popularization struggle for mobile solar energy.

The Future is OURS!