ECOPLANT | Sun Tracing Solar Systems

Ecoplant is a Dutch / Chinese initiative and has been developed in collaboration with international and national universities. We seek cooperation with local and regional housing associations, municipalities and energy suppliers. And we ask our sustainable partners to embrace our ambitions and join us in a revolutionary popularization struggle for mobile solar energy. The Future [...]

East Bright Lighting | All for lighting, more than lighting

East Bright Lighting Limited (EBL) was started in 2010. EBL is a young LED company which is specialised in LED product design, Research and development and LED manufacturing. We provide you non stop ODM/OEM services and are 24/7 ready to fulfil the latest market needs. Our enthusiastic engineering staff is working with international buyers all [...]

The New Crane Lake Residency | Celebrating 200 Years of Shenzhen Hakka History

The New Crane Lake Residency (Luo Rui He) is one of the largest existing Hakka round houses in China. In 1996, it was reserved as the "Shenzhen Longgang Hakka Folk Culture Museum"by the Shenzhen Longgang District Government. It was listed as a "Provincial Cultural Relics Protection Unit" in 2002. The magnificent and vigourous structure of [...]

Equator Mobile Phones | Connecting the World

Equator Mobile Phones is organized to bring affordable and capable smartphones to Africa, starting in Ghana. Equator initially market its phones in Ghana and source them from Shenzhen, China. We are a trustworthy company providing quality phones at competitive prices to the people of Africa. We attempt to meet the needs of the African phone [...]