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project details

EBL's products are LED lights, lights that help customers of EBL to showcase their products. We have therefore used an approach that not only highlights the LED lights, but also the dazzling effect they have on the jewelry and other arts and crafts.

The video production involves also 3D techniques that act as a straightforward illustration for the easy assembly, customizable features of the products.

We understand Europe and European aesthetics. A minimalistic style is adopted throughout the company's website, catalog, and product pictures.

project summary

client name
East Bright Lighting Limited
launch date
2 September 2018
Branding, Web Design, Photography, Video Production

East Bright Lighting Limited (EBL)
was started in 2010. EBL is a young LED company which is specialised in LED
product design, Research and development and LED manufacturing. We provide you
non stop ODM/OEM services and are 24/7 ready to fulfil the latest market needs. Our enthusiastic engineering staff is working with international buyers all over the world and our quality products are recognised because of quality, design and smart easy to use lighting solutions.

EBL, excellent lighting products to create optimum visual conditions!