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Equator Mobile Phones | Connecting the World

project details

Welcome to Africa! It is the land of natural beauty and wonders. In Equator Mobile Phones' loge design, we decided to highlight the African continent in red, in the heart of the green globe. Headquartered in Ghana, it is also the color of her national flag.

Ghana sits right on the equator, manifested in the form of a line in the center of the continent, which is a fun twist on the company's mission statement as a mobile phone provider - connecting the world.

The loading screen act as a first impression of the phone's software. We combined our insight as experienced mobile phone users and the brand ambassador and created this exciting animation. Communication technology is sweeping across the whole of Africa, bringing one closer to another.

project summary

client name
Equator Mobile Phones (Ghana)
launch date
20 April 2018
Branding, Web Design, Photography, Video Production

Equator Mobile Phones is organized to bring affordable and capable smartphones to Africa, starting in Ghana. Equator initially market its phones in Ghana and source them from Shenzhen, China. We are a trustworthy company providing quality phones at competitive prices to the people of Africa.

We attempt to meet the needs of the African phone customer and not just provide a generic solution to all problems. Our phones are made with the African in mind, delivering on all its promises.

Equator Mobile Phones is also brand associated with quaility phones tailored for the African lifestle.