• Celebrating 200 Years of Shenzhen Hakka History


The New Crane Lake Residency | Celebrating 200 Years of Shenzhen Hakka History

project details

There is more to Shenzhen than tech companies and young entrepreneurs. This is a celebration of 300 years of architecture and culture. We incorporate the logo of the ancient Chinese character of Luo and it's firey red throughout the design.

The event gift bag uses a continuum of the Residency's wall as the back and front of the bag. It also assembles the unrolling of a scroll of Chinese painting, implying a new page/ era of this Hakka walled complex.

As any event brochure, clarity and informativity are the keys. Besides the event timetable, we also combined an invitation letter and a special prayer of worship dedicated to the celebration. A carefully selected collection of photographs are added to showcase the grandiose structure while maintaining aesthetic value.

project summary

client name
Crane Lake Luo Committee/ Shenzhen Longgang Hakka Folk Culture Museum/ Dingchao Family Trading Ltd.
launch date
05 Nov 2017
Event Gift Bag and Brochure Design

The New Crane Lake Residency (Luo Rui He) is one of the largest existing Hakka round houses in China. In 1996, it was reserved as the “Shenzhen Longgang Hakka Folk Culture Museum”by the Shenzhen Longgang District Government. It was listed as a “Provincial Cultural Relics Protection Unit” in 2002.

The magnificent and vigourous structure of The Residency is a living fossil of Hakka architecture. Extensive studies have been done for its representation of Shenzhen’s Hakka folk culture, patriarchal ideology, familial system, and architectural art. For decades, the Residency has attracted widespread interest from domestic scholars and overseas Hakka alike.

The event is organised to celebrate the “200th Anniversary for the Completion of The New Crane Lake Residency”, hosted in Shenzhen Longgang Nanlian community’s Luoruihe Village on November 5th, 2017. This one-day event is themed “Praise our ancestors, here we gathered”.